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Wood Chipper
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Shandong, China
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Gasoline engine chipper shredder
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Our branch chipper shredder is a shredder is top quality. With its robust solid construction, it is a very sturdy piece of equipment, which is also suitable for commercial use. The powerful 15 HP engine provides the complete independence of the grid, so that the shredder can be used without restriction in remote locations. The motor has a wire pull and electric start (battery incl.). Thanks to the high discharge chute can throw the shredded directly onto a trailer. In the feeding hopper, you can insert branches with a maximum diameter of 8.5 cm. By the two rotating on a shaft diameter that run against a counter blade, the shredded pulls well. Using the existing hitch the machine can be easily moved to any place. The shredder is very easy to maintain; Parts such as knives, counter blade, etc. are easy to reach. You can complete the funnel with a few simple steps to dismantle easily come to the wear parts. The bearings are additionally equipped with grease nipples

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AdvantageSolid steel constructionDucar Monstrous 420cc engine

Chips everything,from twigs to the branches even 100mm trunks,250mm oversized chute,fits up to 2*more,adjustable discharge chute,twin –cut,dual HSS chipping blades means twice the mulch;13inch wheels to roll your chipper anywhere

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1. Gasoline and engine oil separate use:The power is four stroke gasoline engine, gasoline, engine oil separate use. Gasoline uses 90# above, oil is four stroke engine oil, mark is 4T, do not use two stroke engine oil.2. Filling oil:Oil is the key to make good use of the machine, do not add oil, strictly start, check the oil level before each use. Strictly according to the oil dipstick filling, you must use the oil control in the diagonal range between the line and the line, with the line flush. Extra oil will cause the exhaust pipe smoke exhaust, engine overheating, air filter is easy to choke oil wet, affect the machine horsepower, will make a serious filter can not enter the air, lead to the sound of the machine. The oil is too small, below the line, will cause the machine cylinder, will cause serious damage of cylinder rod fracture. Brand oil is recommended for engine oils.3. Change the engine oil regularly:The new machine should be operated at low speed for 20 minutes before running, and new oil must be replaced after 5 hours. Method is the first sound of the machine after a few minutes of downtime (in the condition of heat engine oil change thoroughly, machine to machine) will tilt the dipstick or tool, loose motivation is placed at the bottom of the oil screw out the oil dipstick. Change the engine oil every 50 hours.4.Air filter:Air cleaner shall be cleaned every 8 hours. The paper air filter should be replaced every 50 hours. Paper air filter can not be washed with liquid detergent, only gently pat. Sponge air filter can use gasoline dry wash after use, pay attention to clean and skew, only one side to the air filter, air filter to prevent oil nongchao.5.Spark plug:The spark plug should be cleaned up once in half a year, and should be replaced every year.6.Sharpening and balancing of blades:After the blade is used for a period of time, if the knife edge is not fast, it should be sharpened. Pay attention to balance on both sides of the blade and tighten the fixed blade screw.7.Use safety:Before use, should first clean up the grass brick, iron and other foreign bodies. The radius is 15 meters and people are not allowed to walk around. Don’t fill the room with gasoline, and the spilled gasoline should be wiped out. Don’t smoke while you’re working. Wear good protective clothing and wear good glasses.

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